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The Importance of Muscle Recovery Within Fitness

The Importance of Muscle Recovery Within Fitness

As many athletes and fitness enthusiasts will know, a break from your exercise routine is important to rest but also to contribute towards a higher-level performance. Although some people will feel guilty about taking a day-off, this is very important for your body. Taking the time to rest means your muscles can fully recover, which is essential for your overall wellness and physical activity.

The Benefits of Muscle Recovery

Any kind of physical exercise can put stress on your body. By taking the time to allow your muscles to recover you will be allowing them a chance to repair, returning stronger and ready for more physical activity.

If you are regularly exercising, you may be overtraining your muscles, exposing them to stress and strain. Which can lead to muscle injury. Those who take the time to enjoy a rest day from their exercise routine will reduce the risk of injury. On top of this, after your rest day you will return to the gym, track, sports centre, feeling stronger and more energised, rather than fatigued and aching. With this you will notice your performance improve, whether you lift weights or run marathons, you will have much more successful and consistent workouts.

What you should be doing on a rest day

You should be resting of course! But what does this include?

Depending on your activity levels, a rest day will differ from person to person. Some will continue to go for a long walk or slow cardio. Light cardio is encouraged everyday in order to keep the body active and burning calories. However, intense workouts should be put on pause for the day.

Plenty of healthy eating, ensuring you are reaching your daily intake of protein is very important. Protein intake can help to support muscle repair which happens during a rest day. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water will not only benefit your overall wellbeing but will also prevent muscle cramps.

Yoga and meditation can also be incorporated into a rest day, helping you to stretch and loosen your muscles, particularly if they are feeling tight and sore. Plus the addition of meditation can help you to feel relaxed and calm, so you can get back to working out feeling refreshed.

How bath salts can aid your muscle recovery

Bath salts could be the key to ultimate muscle recovery and relaxation. A perfect addition to any rest day. Epsom salt is particularly popular with athletes due to its high magnesium content. Playing a key part in our bodies’ daily functions and cell metabolism, magnesium is an essential mineral. However, our bodies do not produce this naturally. After intense workout, bathing in Epsom bath salts can help replenish the levels of magnesium in your body, helping to aid muscle relaxation and recovery. Our Epsom Bath Salts are an ideal addition to your post-workout bathing routine. Allowing your body to absorb the magnesium, replacing the stores that will have been lost during your workout. And if you want to get ahead before intense exercise, try bathing in our Restoring Magnesium Flakes the night before to help you sleep and prevent injury.

Westlab salts are adored by pro-athletes and olympians, so you can be sure to trust our all-natural products for the perfect muscle recovery aid.

Colin Jackson, CBE, is a Welsh former sprinter and Olympic silver medallist; “I use Westlab salts after every workout to ensure I relax my muscles and achieve quick recovery... It’s always a choice between the Westlab Recover and the Westlab Mindful!”
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