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Ethical Marketing Policy

At Westlab salts, we are committed to conducting our marketing activities in an ethical and responsible manner. We believe that transparency, honesty, and respect for our customers, employees, and the environment are essential in building trust and maintaining long-term relationships.

Our ethical marketing policy outlines the principles that govern our marketing practices and form the basis of our internal marketing guidelines.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations:

We comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing marketing, advertising, and consumer protection in the countries where we operate. Our marketing efforts will always adhere to the highest standards of integrity.

Truthfulness and Accuracy:

We ensure that all marketing communications, including advertisements, product claims, and reviews, are truthful, accurate, and not misleading. We will always provide clear and transparent information about our products, their benefits, limitations, and potential risks, allowing customers to make informed decisions.

Respect for Consumer Privacy:

We respect the privacy of our customers and handle their personal information in accordance with applicable data protection laws. We will obtain consent when required, and use customer data only for the purposes specified, ensuring its security and confidentiality. To read of privacy policy please click here.


We actively and clearly disclose our affiliation with any sponsored content,
endorsements, or partnerships to maintain transparency and avoid misleading our customers. We will distinguish between promotional and non-promotional content to ensure that consumers can make informed choices.

Social and Environmental Responsibility:

We promote products and practices that are socially and environmentally responsible. Our marketing materials will accurately reflect our commitment to sustainability, including information about our responsible sourcing, eco-friendly packaging, and efforts to minimise our environmental impact. We are proud to be part of Provenance – independent verification for social and environmental claims, empowering consumers to cut through the greenwash and find brands that truly align with their values.

Avoidance of Unfair or Unethical Practices:

We would never engage in deceptive, unfair, or unethical marketing practices. This includes, but is not limited to, false advertising, price manipulation, or any form of discrimination. We will compete fairly and honestly in the marketplace.

Ethical Influencer and Partner Collaborations:

When working with influencers, brand ambassadors, and partners, we will select individuals and organisations that align with our values and ethical standards. We will clearly define the nature of the collaboration, ensuring that all parties adhere to honest, transparent, and responsible marketing practices.


Our marketing speaks to our entire community. We take care to listen to and
learn from our community so that our language is supportive and non-triggering. Our images represent our real community, actively campaigning to ‘normalise normal skin’. Our goal isn’t to ‘fix’ or ‘perfect’ our community, but to support and empower your personal wellbeing journeys.  

Vulnerable communities:

As a health and wellbeing brand we need to take extra care with vulnerable communities to ensure that we do not mislead, provide false hope or make unrealistic claims. We are vigilant to ensure that any claims we make are not taken out of context, and have been third-party approved with evidence provided to substantiate the claim. We also do not use any reviews or customer feedback in our advertising that hasn’t been pre-approved by the both the customer and the ASA.

Continuous Improvement:

We are committed to continuous improvement and will regularly review and assess our marketing practices to ensure their alignment with our ethical marketing policy. We will listen to customer feedback, monitor industry trends, and implement necessary changes to uphold the highest ethical standards.

‘Thoughtful Marketing Movement’

Westlab are proud to be part of the ‘Thoughtful Marketing Movement’. A community of over 170 businesses which aims to change the culture around brand communications, such as giving customers the chance to opt-out of emails about sensitive occasions (like Mother’s Day). More information can be found here:

All our marketing is checked against our internal ‘ethical marketing guidelines’ which summarise our ethical marketing policy.

By continuously and actively adhering to our ethical marketing policy and guidelines, we aim to continue to build trust and foster our long-term relationship with you (our community).


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