Epsom Bath Salt
    Epsom Bath Salt
    Epsom Bath Salt
    Epsom Bath Salt
    Epsom Bath Salt
    Epsom Bath Salt
    Epsom Bath Salt
    Epsom Bath Salt
    Epsom Bath Salt

Epsom Bath Salt


Soothe & relax tired, aching muscles.

Excellent after sports and exercise.
Pharmaceutical Grade.
Safe for athletes of a competitive standard.

Cruelty Free Cruelty Free
Vegan Vegan
Natural Natural
Recyclable Recyclable


Epsom Salt's origins began as one of the first natural spas in the UK, in the early 17th Century. Tradition tells that the water was discovered by Henry Wicker, a farmer who noticed that his cattle would not drink the water, and on tasting it himself noticed the bitter quality unlike ordinary water which is due to the rich mineral content.

Epsom soon became renowned as a spa destination and people would flock from all over the country for up to a week at a time to drink the 'medicinal, healing waters' from the Epsom well.

Although no longer sourced in Epsom due to the wellbeing closed in the early 20th century, Magnesium and Sulfate are found in many natural sources and have since been combined and used widely in medicine and healthcare for a wide variety of applications.

Trusted by athletes.

For recovery…it’s got to be Westlab. Kelly Sotherton MBE
I use Westlab after every workout. Colin Jackson CBE
I love a relaxing bath with Westlab Salts. Jo Pavey MBE
Westlab are the only salts I’ll use. Kyran Bracken MBE
Westlab are a gamechanger for me. Laviai Neilsen
I love Westlab Salts for relaxation and recovery. Amy Williams MBE
I know I can trust Westlab quality at all times. Ian Gough
I can’t finish a workout without Westlab salts. Martin Offiah MBE
Westlab salts are an essential part of my recovery. Keegan Hirst
I can relax knowing Westlab are working their magic. Dani King MBE
I’ve found my secret in Westlab salts. Gail Emms MBE

How to use

Add salts to a warm bath (37-39°C is ideal). Relax and soak for at least 20 minutes. For your regular exercise routine, use around 100-250g (1/2-1 cup) 2-3 times per week, ideally after exercise. Following intense exercise, such as a marathon or triathlon, you may want to use a full 500g - 1kg after the event to help prevent DOMS. You can use alongside other bath salts, oils and foams, so any bath can be boosted with Epsom Salts.

Key Precautions: Seek advice of a healthcare professional before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Magnesium Sulphate.

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