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Supercharged With Magnesium And Scientifically Tested

100% pure and natural premium grade salt supercharged with Magnesium, our health range is tailored to support your everyday wellbeing by boosting your daily rituals.

Whether you want to soothe itchy skin, revive aching muscles or support mind and body health, our solution-led health range is powered by nature and scientifically tested.

Westlab Magnesium Flakes are made of pure magnesium chloride, which is the most readily absorbed and retained form of magnesium. Bathing regularly in magnesium flakes can help boost magnesium levels in the body and reduce symptoms of magnesium deficiency such as headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, insomnia and cramps.

Safe for the whole family, these gentle flakes are suitable for sensitive skin. Suitable for Professional Athletes - bathing in magnesium flakes can reduce risk of injury before intense exercise. Westlab Magnesium Flakes are responsibly sourced and independently tested in the UK to the German BVL standards so you can trust the purity and quality of the salts you're bathing in.


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    Westlab are the trusted world leading experts in mineral salts. Our solution-led formulations are backed by science and proven to work.


    100% pure and natural premium quality mineral salts. Responsibly sourced and independently tested and approved for quality and purity.


    Supercharged with Magnesium and Scientifically Tested.


    We are loved, and trusted ​by our customers and offer something for everybody our award-winning products offer a variety of benefits to a wide-ranging audience.

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