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3 Ways to Radiant Skin

3 Ways to Radiant Skin

1. Use a Salt Scrub

Skin needs regular exfoliation in order to look and feel its best. If you don’t remember to exfoliate then you’re leaving dead skin cells just sitting on the surface of your skin. This not only leaves your skin looking dull, but also prevents oils and creams from penetrating your skin as easily, which means your skin will look and feel more dehydrated too.

An easy way to exfoliate your skin is to just add a handful of Epsom salts or Dead Sea salts to your shower routine.  Follow these simple steps for skin that looks and feels silky-smooth.

Dead Sea Salt is best for dry skin

Epsom Salt is best for oily or congested skin.

- Mix together your favourite shower gel with your salts in a bowl to make a runny paste.
- Thoroughly wet your skin in the shower.
- Gently massage over your body using light circular movements with your hands whilst still under the shower so that the water creates a gentle lathering scrub.
- Use only on the body, not on the face or neck, and avoid delicate areas.
- Rinse thoroughly and pat your skin dry with a towel.
- Apply any moisturisers or body oils while your skin is still warm and damp. You’ll find these penetrate the skin beautifully after exfoliation and help lock in moisture.

NB – Never use a salt skin scrub on broken or irritated skin.

Best salts for body scrub

Dead Sea Bath Salts // Epsom Bath Salts // Epsom Shower Wash

2. Bathe in Minerals

Balneotherapy is the term for soaking in thermal waters which are naturally rich in minerals.  From Japan to Iceland to the Dead Sea, this practice has been used for hundreds of years for health and wellbeing.

Our favourite salts to create your own Balneotherapy at home are Dead Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt. The reason for this is that they both contain a unique combination of minerals which are essential for skin health and wellbeing.
Dead Sea Salt contains skin repairing Magnesium in high levels, as well as Calcium and Potassium, which is why it is thought to be so good for helping to soften and soothe dry, itchy skin.

Himalayan salt contains less Magnesium, but has a wider portfolio of minerals, boasting to contain over 84 in total.
Rather than stripping your skin or clogging it like many traditional bath additives, if you add Dead Sea or Himalayan salts to your bath you’re actually turning your bath into a mineral spa, allowing your skin to absorb these essential skin-loving minerals while you lay back and relax.

Instead of your skin feeling dry and tight when you leave the bath, it will feel healthy, soft and radiant with minimal effort.

Best Mineral Baths for Skin Radiance

 Dead Sea Bath Salts // Himalayan Bath Salts 

3. Use natural skin oils

One of the biggest causes of dull, clogged skin actually stems from the most common ingredients in moisturisers. Petrolatum and Parafinnum Liquidum are ‘mineral oils’ – but not the good type of minerals that we’re talking about above. This terms doesn’t refer to magnesium and calcium and these beneficial natural minerals, but actually refers to a type of chemical called hydrocarbons which are derived from petroleum.

Mineral oils are found in most household daily moisturisers and even high-end moisturisers, as they help lock in moisture and keep the skin feeling silky-smooth. However, with these benefits come some unwanted side effects. They can create a barrier over the skin, (kind of like cling-film) trapping dead skin cells and sebum to create dull, congested skin. They are also thought to disrupt and damage the natural skin barrier which in turn prevents your skin from keeping itself naturally healthy.

Natural botanical skin oils can be a more healthy and environmentally-friendly choice of moisturiser, which work in harmony with your skin’s natural barrier and lock in moisture without smothering the skin. Look for a moisturiser which contains natural oils instead of petrochemicals or explore using and blending pure oils such as coconut, olive, jojoba, argan or rosehip to create a natural body moisturiser to use after exfoliation.

Also, remember that if you’re avoiding using SLS/SLES in your shower gel and bubble bath and adding Dead Sea or Himalayan salts to your bath then you’ll probably have less need to moisturise your skin anyway, as your skin will come out of the bath and shower already feeling soft and hydrated. Try our SLS/SLES free bath and shower gels and see if you can feel the difference to your skin.

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