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Summer Skincare Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy

Summer Skincare Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy
Adapting your skincare to fit the sunny weather is important. As the weather warms, you may find yourself changing your daily skincare routine to adjust to the heat. At Westlab, we care about year-round skin health, which is why we’ve written this blog post about how best to keep your skin healthy and hydrated in summer.
Our bath and shower products can help keep your skin soft, healthy and comfortable all summer long, while protecting it from the harsh effects of heat, pollen and environmental pollution. Using our products alongside the following tips can really make an impact on your skin health and wellbeing.

Use Himalayan bath salts

One great way to nourish, cleanse and hydrate your skin is through our bath salts. Our Himalayan bath salts, for example, have many amazing qualities that make them ideal to use in a cool, refreshing bath. Here’s why our Himalayan bath salts would make a fantastic addition to any summertime bath:
  • Supports the skin's natural barrier which helps retain moisture
  • Deeply cleanses without stripping or drying the skin
  • Rich in essential skin minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and sodium
  • Has soothing and purifying anti-bacterial properties
If you’re looking to achieve a full summer skin glow, why not check out our summer glow bundle here? This bundle provides everything you need to have your skin feeling healthy and revitalised this summer. With our best-selling Dead Sea bath salts as well as our Himalayan bath and shower range, you’ll be as prepared as can be.

Be safe with Sunscreen

We don’t need to explain why you should be using sunscreen, but with so many to choose from, and so much controversy surrounding sunscreen ingredients it can be hard to know which are the best choices to make for your skin and body health.
We’d recommend the EWG guide to safer sunscreens for an independent guide to sunscreen safety.

Try bathing in cool water

Another way to keep your skin healthy this summer is by bathing in cooler temperatures. Not only does this keep you feeling cool and refreshed on those hot summer nights, but it also comes with a wide range of benefits for your skin and health too. 
You could take it a step further and take a plunge into cooler temperatures. Cool bathing like this promotes healthy blood flow and has been shown to improve your mood.

Stay hydrated

This wouldn’t be a summer skincare blog without reminding you to stay hydrated! Hydration is the key to healthy skin and your overall health. Make sure to drink plenty of water, especially on warmer days. 
For more information about our summer skincare bath and shower products, feel free to contact our team any time.
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