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How Aromatherapy Bath Salts Promote Relaxation

For the ultimate relaxing bath time experience, our aromatherapy bath salts are the key. But have you ever wondered about the science behind aromatherapy? This blog post is all about explaining how our essential oil infused bath salt range promotes relaxation and allows you to truly unwind, relax, and find peace after a long day.

Our aromatherapy bath salts promote relaxation through various different factors, including the sensory experience of essential oils, and the soothing qualities of our mineral salts combined with warm water. Below is an in depth explanation about the various aspects of our aromatherapy bath salts and why they’re one of the best methods of relaxation.


Experiencing the aromas

Aromatherapy bath salts are infused with essential oils, which are concentrated extracts from various different plants. These oils contain aromatic compounds that are known to boost your mood and affect your mind and body. When using these bath salts, you can create a calming or invigorating aroma in your bathroom due to the salts dissolving in warm water and releasing into the air. What's more is that different essential oils have differing therapeutic properties, meaning you can choose which feelings you want to invoke!

For example, our lavender infused bath salts are excellent in supporting a healthy sleeping pattern. These bath salts can help you drift into a deep sleep and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised the next morning. And if you’re feeling under the weather or sluggish then our eucalyptus bath salts can help clear your airways and give you the energy boost you may need.


What happens when you inhale these aromas?

When you inhale these various scents released by our essential oil infused bath salts, they can stimulate the olfactory system in your brain. This particular system in the brain is connected to the limbic system, which is known for its role in emotion regulation and how the body responds to stress. With that being said, the aromatic molecules from our bath salts can trigger a positive response which can help lessen anxiety and promote relaxation.


Magnesium for relaxation 

Simply bathing in warm water itself is known to have a profound effect on your body. Warm water is incredibly relaxing, and our aromatherapy bath salts only enhance this. The relaxing essential oils combined with the magnesium in our bath salts is what makes it such a powerhouse product. Magnesium is very effective to relax your muscles and improve sleep quality, so you’re not only benefiting your mind with the aromatherapy, but you get an additional wellbeing boost from the magnesium in our salts, compared to regular aromatherapy salts. Our aromatherapy range is the perfect product to add to your bath if you’ve had a long and tiring day.


For more information about how our bath salts can help you relax, contact our team. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.