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What’s the difference between Magnesium Flakes & Epsom Salts?
Epsom Salts are made up of a Magnesium Sulphate compound whilst Magnesium Flakes are made up of Magnesium Chloride. We suggest you use Epsom Salts after exercise or if you have sore, aching muscles and joints. We suggest you use Magnesium Flakes to help regulate sleep to boost your energy levels when feeling fatigued.
Are your products safe for children?
Yes, our Dead Sea Salts or Magnesium Flakes are safe to use on children. For infants over 3 months old, use a heaped teaspoon in a baby bath. For older children, initially use approximately 100g-250g for an average 15cm adult bath. This can be increased to a maximum of 500g for under 10s. Allow the salt to dissolve in warm water (approx 37°C) and let your child enjoy a salt bath for 20 minutes up to 3 times per week.
Are your products safe for pregnancy?
There are no known risks to using our 100% pure Dead Sea salts, Himalayan salts or Magnesium Flakes when pregnant or breastfeeding. However, we advise on our packs to seek advice of your midwife or healthcare professional before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The reason for this is that there can be many different elements with pregnancy and infants which can affect individuals differently. Plus, bathing when pregnant carries it's own risks in terms of temperature and stages of pregnancy, so should always be under the current advice of your midwife. In regards to our products containing Essential Oils or Epsom Salts, there are no definitive guidelines regarding the use of essential oils in pregnancy and breastfeeding, as there has not been enough detailed research into the subject yet. Therefore, we take a cautious approach for our product precautions and do not advise the use of Essential Oils when pregnant or breastfeeding, and to only use Epsom Salts under medical supervision.
Where can I buy your products?
TK Maxx, Home Bargains, Tesco, Boots, Superdrug, Sainsbury's, Holland & Barratt’s, Asda, Amazon, Ocado, LookFantastic, Savers, Morrisons, B&M, and on our Website.
How much salt am I meant to put into my bath?
When using our health range (Dead Sea, Magnesium & Epsom Salts) we recommend 2-4 cups (500g – 1kg) as you will be able to feel the benefits more. When using our Wellbeing & Aromatherapy range we recommend 2-3 handfuls to create a fragrant, mineral-infused bath.
How long do I soak in the bath for?
We recommend soaking in the bath for around 20-40 minutes so your skin can fully absorb the salts and get the most out of the product and it's benefits.
How often should I have a bath with your salts?
We recommend 2-3 times a week, depending on what you want to target, support or improve.
Where are your salts sourced from?
Westlab are committed to preserving the natural resource of the Dead Sea and protecting the surrounding environment. Our Dead Sea Salt is sourced exclusively from Jordan, where it is processed naturally by solar evaporation. This guarantees a pure and natural product with the minimum ecological footprint and maximum mineral content. Westlab Dead Sea Salt is also tested independently in the UK to ensure it complies with our strict quality for mineral content and purity credentials to German BVL standards.

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