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Q&A with fitness fanatic & vegan chef Matt Pritchard

Q&A with fitness fanatic & vegan chef Matt Pritchard

We are joined by star of Dirty Sanchez turned vegan chef, Mathew Pritchard, as he talks us through the physical challenges he’s embarking on this month and how he uses exercise and a vegan diet to help support him on his journey.

We hear that you’ve signed up to row the Atlantic this month – what an inspiring challenge to be a part of. What made you want to take on this ambitious challenge? Who is the challenge in support of?

I was asked by my friend, John Haskel who rowed it in 2011. He phoned me to ask if I wanted to take part and I thought.. hell yes I do! Considering what’s going on in the world right now, I couldn’t think of anything better than being on a boat surrounded by Mother Nature doing exercise 24/7! I need a good challenge and to be able to do it for 2 great charities makes it all worth it. The first charity I’m a patron of (Dean Farm Trust and Animal Sanctuary) and the second is HUMEN, a charity which supports mental health. Both fantastic causes.

What advice would you give to somebody preparing to take on a physical challenge this year?

Almost all events have been cancelled this year due to COVID, but it’s actually given me far more time to set my own personal challenges at home; whether that’s on a stationary bike, rowing machines, kettlebells or running around the park! My best advice would be to those who are just starting your fitness journey. If you haven’t started, put your trainers on and get outside. Enjoy it and take it slowly!

How do you use Westlab Bath Salts to support your exercise regimen? Which products to use most frequently and why?

I always use the bath salts after a long training session and let the magnesium soak into my tired muscles. I’d say I use the Recovery bath salts the most.

As a vegan chef, we’d love to know what dishes you cook when you’re training for a competition?

I think it’s okay to eat comfort food while you're training so my normal meals tend to be curries, roast veg and couscous and of course a good vegan burger and homemade chips! However, in the lead up to the Atlantic Row Challenge, I’m eating a lot more food so I have enough fat to burn! I’m about to lose roughly 3 stone crossing the Atlantic so I need it. Luckily i love food so this is not a problem.

It’s a tough time for many of us right now so it’s important that we focus on both our physical and mental wellbeing. We know how vital physical exercise is in your daily life, but how important is it for you to look after your mental health too? What are some of the activities that help improve your wellbeing?

Personally I find that I can get really down if I don’t keep active so when I put in a good day’s training my mood lifts immensely. Yesterday I worked on a 6 hours rowing session! It was intense and I'm definitely sore in places but feeling so tired afterwards was well worth it. I went to bed content and happy I had put the work in.

We can see your beautiful dog Lemmy is always by your side. If you could take him on a trip with you where would you go?

Lemmy is my best mate, he does everything with me, goes pretty much everywhere with me and if i could take him on the rowing boat to Antigua I would!

Thanks to Matt for sharing this with us and we wish you all the luck with the challenge!

Follow Matt on Instagram for more updates on his progress; @pritchardswyd

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