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Westlab Hero - RunTalkRun

Westlab Hero - RunTalkRun

This month our Westlab Hero is Jess from RunTalkRun. We had the privilege of sitting next to her at the National Running Show Dinner in January, and her story was so inspiring we wanted to share it with you.

Could you tell us a bit about RunTalkRun?

RunTalkRun is a global mental health support running community. I am a runner who is fiercely intent on helping others discover the true value in running for mental health maintenance. I create spaces that allow people to support people. I create spaces for people to feel ‘heard’.​ 

There are two things that propelled me out of my depression, anxiety and bulimia. The first was running, the second was community.

In October 2017 I established a wonderful team of running mental health warriors, – Run Talk Run. We are a global mental health support community, hosting worldwide runs for people to connect weekly with a jog and chat.

I would like to see more ‘beginner runners’ discovering how truly powerful the running community can be to aid in recovery.

How are you navigating your way through the Covid challenges, in way of supporting your running community with the current restrictions?

 We made the difficult decision in early March to cancel all upcoming events. RunTalkRun is a service and support system that is truly needed at times like this, so we've continued to support our members with podcasts and a weekly virtual chat group at the time of their usual run.  

And how about your own wellbeing during these challenging times?

My top tip for navigating this time would be “Finding time to play! Practising handstands with my little sister and challenging my brother to a press ups competition. Finding release from the tension through scheduling time to just have a laugh and be a child again!“

And when Jess needs some downtime for playtime, she loves a bath in our MINDFUL salts - her personal favourite from the Westlab Alchemy range.

If you'd like to learn more, or find a RunTalkRun near you, check out the links below:

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