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Do Bath Salts Have Healing Properties?

As well as making your skin feel amazing, bath salts have a deeper range of benefits that not many people know about. Mineral rich bath salts have a whole host of beneficial qualities that help support healing within the body. From supporting skin healing to muscle repair, bath salts can add that extra touch of healing that your mind and body may need from time to time. 

When something has healing properties, it means it can help restore, repair, and aid in recovery. In this blog post, we will be discussing the healing benefits of our bath salts and how you can use them to target a variety of concerns.


Epsom salt for recovery 

Many athletes use Epsom salts as part of their recovery process after intense exercise. This is because Epsom salt contains is made entirely from the mineral compound magnesium sulphate.

Magnesium is essential for muscle relaxation and repair, which helps to keep muscles flexible and prevent injury from exercise or overwork. Sulphate helps to flush the muscles, relieving the body from muscle stiffness, and can even help soothe symptoms of joint pain from arthritis.

If you suffer from DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), joint pain, or muscle aches, we recommend using our reviving Epsom salts to help you heal and relieve you of your discomfort. To benefit from Epsom salt, pour 2-4 cups into a warm bath and soak for around 20 minutes. Doing this after exercise is the best way to reap the benefits of our Epsom salts.

If you want to boost your muscle recovery even further you could try our Recover salts - Epsom Salts infused with therapeutic Eucalyptus and Arnica to help heal swelling, bruising and microtears.


Dead Sea salt for skin conditions 

Another type of mineral bath salt that helps promote natural healing is our Dead Sea salt. Containing minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, Dead Sea salt is excellent at nourishing and softening the skin, as well as protecting its natural barrier. 

Dead Sea salt can also help relieve the symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. As these salts contain magnesium, it helps to reduce inflammation within the body, which triggers conditions such as eczema. Magnesium has anti-inflammatory properties, which help to reduce the itching and redness associated with eczema.

Frequently bathing in Dead Sea salt can help relieve your eczema symptoms, as well as helping relax the body and nourish the skin. If you are using Dead Sea salts for skin conditions, pour 2-4 cups into a warm bath and relax for at least 20 minutes. 

The soothing properties of the Dead Sea have also been included in our Sleep bath salts. This healing blend features Epsom and Dead Sea salts infused with sleep-inducing Lavender and Valerian. Perfect for a bedtime bath, these salts relax the mind and body while making the skin soft, supple and comfortable - the perfect recipe for a deep and peaceful night’s sleep.

For any further questions about our range of bath salts, contact our team today.