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Melissa Hemsley's must-haves - bath salts

Melissa Hemsley's must-haves - bath salts

The cook shares five things she couldn't live without.

With such a busy work life, it’s important for Hemsley to switch off and that’s where bath salts come in. “It’s like going to a spa,” she says. “I put some lavender drops in there as well, and sometimes I grate fresh ginger.”

In fact, she’s big on baths full-stop. Hemsley is currently renovating her own house: “I haven’t had a bath at home my entire life, so my big things for this house were: veg garden, a proper kitchen, and a bathtub.”

Those who don’t have a tub can still use epsom salts: simply dissolve them in a washing up bowl or something similar-sized and put your feet in. Bliss.

If you’re on the road, and are as hooked as Hemsley, you can easily travel with bath salts. She uses an old jar to transport hers in. “I have some friends who make their own bath salts – a lovely way to make cheap present: add some oils, dried herbs and bath salts, then wrap it with a ribbon.”

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