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The Bath Products You Need For Eczema

The Bath Products You Need For Eczema

As October is Eczema Awareness Month, we wanted to share how some of our bath and shower products can help manage your eczema. Did you know that cold weather is known to affect eczema? As the seasons change, it’s more important than ever to take care of your eczema as best as you can.

Our Dead Sea range is mineral-rich and full of goodness, making it perfect to use on eczema prone skin. The Dead Sea is renowned worldwide for its healing therapeutic properties, which is why we created a line of products to bring all the benefits of the Dead Sea to your own bathtub.

Dead Sea Bath Salt

Our Dead Sea Bath Salt is a great choice for those who love a relaxing soak in the bath. Bathing is excellent for eczema as it helps to hydrate the skin properly. But water alone can be harsh and drying, so it’s recommended that you soften the water with a treatment. This is where Dead Sea Salt can help. By adding 2-4 cups to your bath, you not only soften the water effectively, but you get the additional bonus that Dead Sea Salt helps repair the skin barrier – soothing itching and reducing the itch-scratch cycle.

Here are some of the main benefits that our Dead Sea bath salts can offer your eczema prone skin:

Full of minerals that are great for the skin

Our Dead Sea bath salts are 100% natural, vegan and full of essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium. All these minerals bring many benefits to the skin, for example potassium is fantastic at balancing moisture levels in the skin, hydrating your dry skin caused by eczema.

Dead Sea Salt is excellent at soothing itchy skin

Our Dead Sea bath salts are good for dry skin conditions such as eczema as they provide relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of the condition. As we mentioned above, Dead Sea salt contains magnesium which is a mineral that is great at soothing itchy and irritated skin. This is because magnesium is known to fight inflammation, helping to calm down eczema prone skin.

Dead Sea Shower Gel

Alongside our bath salt, we also offer Dead Sea bath & shower gel which is great for taking care of eczema in the shower or can be used as a gently fragrant non-drying bubble bath alongside the salts. Our 97% natural and gentle formula is guaranteed to be free from skin drying ingredients such as SLS/SLES which are common in many shower gels and bubble baths and can aggravate eczema-prone skin.

Dead Sea Subscription Service

If you already know and love our Dead Sea bath salts, our subscription service may be perfect for you! When you sign up for our subscription option, we will send you a pouch of our Dead Sea bath salts to your door every month. You even get free delivery and 20% off! 

If you have any questions about our bath salts, get in touch today. We’d love to help answer any queries you may have.

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