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Emilia Clarke's $13 self-care beauty favourite

Emilia Clarke's $13 self-care beauty favourite

Emilia Clarke’s $13 beauty favorite promises to soothe and relax muscles in an instant. We’re taking our self-care up a notch.

Emilia Clarke’s favourite bath product ups the ante on self-care and the essential twilight soak that most of us savour at the end of each day. Now that ‘bathscaping’ is officially a trend and we’re curating our time in the tub with decadent candles and impossibly fluffy towels, adding a product with proven wellness benefits takes your soak to the next level.

In an interview with the sunday telegraph, emilia name-checked westlab’s reviving epsom bath salt as one of her six favorite products.

The a-list actress, who is best known for her role as mother of dragons in game of thrones said, “I add this [westlab Epsom salt] to a hot bath with lavender oil, then light candles and play classical music”. Obviously, an example of bathscaping self-care at its best.

What is Epsom salt and what does it do?

To be clear, Epsom salt is nothing like regular table salt. Instead, it is made of the mineral compound magnesium sulfate and has a myriad of health benefits.

First, it’s good for temporarily reducing bloating caused by water retention. The reason: the salt pulls toxins and water out of your system (rumour has it, that Amanda Seyfried is another actress who swears by Epsom salts, particularly pre red carpet events).

Second, Epsom salt is also thought to soothe and relax sore or tensed-up muscles by helping to reduce inflammation, swelling and soreness. In fact, its powers for detoxification and aiding muscle recovery means Epsom salts are often used by runners and athletes.

But it’s the relaxation benefits of magnesium in Epsom salt that makes its use in warm baths a renowned SOS product. One study found that magnesium helps to lower the stress hormone cortisol - which, in turn, leads to better sleep and improved skin clarity as cortisol can cause a spike in adrenalin plus excess oil production and inflammation in skin.

Westlab’s award-winning Epsom bath salt is 100% pure and of pharmaceutical grade standard, ensuring you get a potent hit with every capful added to your bath. What’s not to love about that?


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