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Davina’s healthy self-care autumn evening wind down routine

Davina’s healthy self-care autumn evening wind down routine

1. A healthy home-cooked family meal and TV fest

“For dinner, we’ll have a family meal and I generally try to make something healthy. I do try and do home cooking for the kids. It’s very simple home cooking a lot of the time. I don’t want to guilt-trip people so I will often do fish in bread crumbs, something from the freezer section. I'll always try and make home-made chips, they take as long to make as an oven chip, that’s not too much of a difficult swap out. My wind-down always will entail some televisual feast with my son. Watching telly together it has become a thing.”

2. A luxurious destress bath

Afterwards, I will go off and bathe and we’ll get into our PJs, I’ll be on my social media checking everything and maybe posting things. Westlab Epsom Bath Salts, £14.99, are lovely. I’m also obsessed with Badedas bubble bath (Badedas Bath Gelee, £14.69). If you’ve got anybody in your family that is aged 50 or thereabouts, if you give them a bottle of Badedas bubble bath, they will go straight back to their childhood.”

3. Read an inspirational book

“I try to get in bed by eleven o’clock and lights out by half-past. I’ve just started trying to read again. I am also obsessed with Blinkist. It’s an app and it condenses books, it’s so clever. You get a whole book in 20 minutes. It’s great for biographies, not if you want to get all the nuances of somebody, but sometimes you will see somebody on the telly and you’ll think, ‘oh actually I want to know more about them. I’ll quickly download their biography’. And then on a healthy dog walk [with the audiobook option] you might listen to the whole biography of Martin Luther King! It’s a really good way to absorb information in quite a succinct manner, sometimes on a walk I will have ‘read’ three books. It’s good for self-help, career, success and personal development and makes such a good present.”


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