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Spring Cleaning Your Skin Care Routine

Spring Cleaning Your Skin Care Routine

Now that Spring has officially sprung, it is the season to embrace the warmer weather, which for many of us means lighter evenings, lighter clothing and lighter skincare! Time to ditch your heavy moisturisers and rich creams for something a little lighter. So, here are some of our top tips for spring cleaning your skin care routine in time for warmer days this Spring. 

Ditch your heavy creams

As the colder weather is (finger’s crossed) behind us, the use of heavy creams and moisturisers may no longer be necessary. In spring and summer time many people do not need the additional hydration and so can switch heavy moisturisers for lighter creams and serums. Don’t forget that SPF should be included in your routine all year round, and not just during the summer, but you may wish to step things up and increase the protection as the weather warms up and you spend more time outside.

Check your dates!

An essential step in spring cleaning your skincare routine is checking the use by dates of your products. It is so important to ensure you are only using products that are still fit for purpose. Many people do not even realise their skincare products have use by dates, but if you look closely there is always a message on bottles and containers letting you know how long this product can be used for until it needs replacing. Usually this is 6-12 months from the day you opened the product. It generally looks like a little pot with the lid open, and has the number of months inside of it.

To ensure maximum shelf life do store your products correctly, especially if they have natural ingredients as these are more sensitive to light and heat, so often need to be stored in a cool dark place rather than on a bright, warm, sunny bathroom windowsill. 

Time to try something new?

Since you are cleaning out your skincare routine and embracing the seasonal change, why not try something new for Spring?

At Westlab we have a great range of products to introduce to your routine both for the shower and the bath.

Why not try having a cool bath during the summer months?

Its such a refreshing way to calm your skin and body at the end of a hot commute or day out in the sun. It’s a firm favourite at Westlab HQ. 

Just lower your temperature of your bath to around 36 degrees, so its still comfortable and close to body temperature but feels calming and soothing. You’ll emerge feeling refreshed and revived.

Our favourite products to add to a cool bath are: Cleanse bath salts with their uplifting citrus fragrance of lemongrass, orange, lemon and pink grapefruit. Or our Dead Sea bath salts which soften and soothe irritated skin, helping you to have a more comfortable nights sleep on those warm summer nights.

As the warmer months are approaching, you may prefer to have a shower over a bath 

Across our shower products we have a number of shower gels that have been infused with essential minerals to keep your skin feeling fresh, hydrated and thoroughly cleansed! Perfect for spring and summer after busy days spent in the sun or as a pick me up once you roll out of bed.

For those with sensitive skin the warmer weather may trigger your eczema or psoriasis, which makes finding the right products for this time of year essential. Our Dead Sea Salt shower gel will continue to help soothe your irritated and dry skin, even in the warmer months. Gently infused with Dead Sea salt to calm and cool the skin with no itching or dryness.

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