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Sleep Better Yoga

Our yoga buddy, @esthermarieyoga has kindly put together a quick video for us designed to help you all get a better night’s sleep. With the help of her gorgeous dog, Sonny, she demonstrates this sleep enhancing flow to help you relax before bedtime.

Watch Esther’s Yoga Flow:

This post will help you relax, calm down and unwind ready for sleep. Up to you if you want to have a puppy involved...

1. Low lunge.

2. Puppy dog pose.

3. Thread the needle both sides.

4. Forward fold.

5. Seated butterfly pose.

6. Taking seated circles to help relax the spine work into the shoulders.

7. Seated sidebend.

8. Seated chest stretch forwards and backwards.

9. And ending with legs up the wall.

Relaxation tips;

1. Take 5-8 breaths in each pose.

2. Light a candle.

3. Do it before or after a bath.

Head over to @esthermarieyoga to see more of her and Sonny.

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