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Detox your skin naturally, with Himalayan Salt

Detox your skin naturally, with Himalayan Salt

Your cleansing routine is so important to the wellbeing of your skin.

It provides the foundation for everything else you apply to your skin and can have a significant effect on skin. If your cleansing routine strips the skin of its natural moisture, then all your other products have to work extra hard just to return your skin back to its natural balance.

‘Squeaky’ clean skin

‘Squeaky’ clean skin used to be something to aim for when cleansing. We’ve since learned this is a bad thing, as it means the skin has been stripped of its natural oils. Not only does this disrupt the balance of oil production, leading to extreme dryness or excessive oiliness. But it can also damage the skin’s natural barrier, resulting in irritation and redness.

We therefore advise always checking the ingredients and avoid using products which contain SLS or SLES. Using naturally cleansing salts and washes allows you to bid a farewell to chemicals and skin damaging ingredients used in other types ofproducts.

Saline water is pH 5.5 is the same as your skin. Therefore the natural cleansing action of the salts mean your skin won't be left feeling dry or out of balance. In fact, minerals present in Himalayan Salts penetrate your skin, helping to protect and hydrate it.

Himalayan Salt is made of Sodium Chloride, which is the traditional form of salt used to create saline solution. A commonly used at-home medical treatment for skin purification and wound healing. Himalayan Salt contains essential skin minerals Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium.

Sodium - Deep cleanses, detoxifies and purifies the surface of the skin.
Potassium – Helps keep skin moisture levels balanced for optimum skin hydration.
Magnesium – Protects the skin’s natural barrier while soothing and calming irritation. 

What makes Himalayan Salt special is that it comes from the purest source on earth, an ancient prehistoric salt-water lake found within the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. As the lake dried up over time, the precious salt was condensed deep within the earth, protecting it from modern pollution. You can use these pretty pink salts to cleanse and relax in pure mineral waters with a Himalayan salt detox bath at home.

How to enjoy a Cleansing Himalayan Salt Bath

To run the perfect Himalayan Salt Bath – great for a deep-cleanse and detox:

.Himalayan Bath Salt

100% pure salts to use in your bath on its own or alongside our other bath salts and naturally detoxifying home-spa ingredients such as clay or turmeric. Perfect for those looking for a cleansing solution to achieve radiant and healthy-looking skin.

* Add your Himalayan Bath Salts to the foot end of the bath and fill with warm water. This keeps any less soluble grains at the foot of the bath for more comfortable bathing. Himalayan salt is a compressed rock salt, and some of the grains take longer to dissolve than with other bath salts. Once the bath is filled, swirl the water around the salts gently with your hand to help them dissolve.
* Ideally the temperature should be between 37-39°C. This is the optimum window to help with absorbing the minerals into your skin.
* A traditional saline solution is created at 0.9% salt to water, so we recommend adding 800g-1kg of Himalayan salt if you’re looking to achieve * a deep-cleansing natural detox bath.
Relax and unwind in the bath for around 20 minutes. Make sure you’re not using anything else in the bath which contains unnecessary chemicals. Try adding our Himalayan Bath & Shower gel if you want to add some gentle bubbles. Just add candlelight and a detoxing essential oil blend for a home-spa cleansing bath ritual.

Himalayan Bath & Shower Gel 

Perfectly paired with our Himalayan Bath Salt, the Himalayan Bath & Shower Wash is infused with Himalayan crystal salt minerals to provide the perfect gentle lather for any skin type. Suitable for use on sensitive skin, this shower wash will leave your skin feeling clean and healthy. Use either as a shower wash or alongside Himalayan salts for a detox bath soak. 

Why not also try Cleanse Bath Salts

These detox bath salts provide a fragrant aromatherapy bath to refresh and uplift. Your skin will feel cleansed and refreshed after a soak in these bath salts, infused with Himalayan Salt, Lemongrass, Pink Grapefruit and Seaweed.

And we’ve also added in some extra cleansing for your body - Epsom salts detox further by helping flush and cleanse the body. Just add 2 cups to the bath, either alone or alongside 2 cups of pure Himalayan salt. 90% of respondents within our review panel said they felt noticeable cleansed and refreshed after an at home detox bath with our Cleanse Bath Salts!

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