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A process that every woman will go through in their lifetime, menopause is often overlooked and not spoken about. This leaves many women to feel they are going through this experience alone, and without much needed support from healthcare professionals and experts. It doesn’t have to be in this way.

At Westlab we want to help educate and inform women on the incredible benefits of bathing and bath salts for supporting them through the process of menopause. With research and in-depth studies into the important role magnesium plays throughout our bodies, we have explored the topic of why magnesium is so beneficial for women going through menopause and how you can supplement magnesium with the simple use of magnesium bath flakes. Below our health hub articles provide a wealth of knowledge to support your menopause and provide you with our top picks from the Westlab range of bath salts.


Perimenopause Awareness With Emma Bardwell

Penny Hamilton (Westlab founder) looks at how Magnesium can play a role in supporting perimenopause with some insightful advice from expert nutritionist Emma Bardwell. The menopause is finally being given...

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Why You Need Magnesium During Menopause

Magnesium and Bone Health Calcium is the mineral which we all think of when it comes to bone health, as its essential for our bodies to help maintain bone density...

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