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Imperative to staying fit and healthy, exercise is essential for both our physical and mental wellbeing. However, the aches and pains you may feel after an intense or long workout can certainly disrupt your day. When getting a workout in, not only is it important to warm up and cool down, but also to provide your body with some post-workout recovery too. Over the years we have been understanding just how important muscle recovery is and how useful bathing in mineral-rich bath salts can be during this process.

At Westlab we have designed our health hub to provide you with information, advice and guidance to support you in using your bath salts and caring for your body and mind. We cover topics such as how baths can improve your sports performance and how epsom bath salts will soothe your sore and aching muscles. For more information and to take your pick from our wide range of bath salts and other bathing products, explore our health hub articles below.


How Baths Improve Sports Performance

You may have mastered your workouts and feel like you are finally on the right track with your fitness journey but are you doing all you can to help your...

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