• A Psoriasis Journey with Bryony Bateman

    Bryony is a beauty blogger who has suffered from psoriasis since she was 16. She juggles her full-time job as a Beauty Therapist, alongside her blog, which covers health, fashion, skincare and how to manage/cope with psoriasis. 

    In 2011, when I was 16, I first developed a rash but didn’t think much of it – I had googled my symptoms and thought that it could be psoriasis, but as it didn’t affect my life much I wasn’t too concerned. The ‘rash’ was a little annoying but went away after holidays or a few sessions on a sunbed. It was until 2014 when it flared up badly and started to impact my life more. My skin was super red, itchy and painful all over my body which was what led me to go back to doctors to finally get a diagnosis.

  • Natural Solutions For Eczema - A Personal Journey by EMINÉ RUSHTON

    Eminé Rushton is Wellness Director of Psychologies magazine and a trained holistic skin therapist. She has been writing about holistic health for 15 years and also written a book on Ayurveda, The Body Balance Plan.

    I've suffered with eczema since childhood – and it's ranged from those tell-tale red, raised rings, around outer thighs, backs of knees and inner elbows, to sore, weeping blisters across the palms of my hands. As a child, my mother would apply topical steroid cream to my skin, as it was the only thing the doctor ever prescribed, and while the reaction would always diminish for a while, it would soon reappear – if I sweated, ate flare-up foods (more on that later), allowed my skin to dry out, or got particularly stressed.

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