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6th February marked National Girls and Women in Sports Day - a day held to recognise female athletes and those committed to equality in sport. We spoke to a few of our Westlab ambassadors to find out what motivates them, how they define success, and what they think can be done to encourage more girls to follow their sporting dreams. Our featured ambassadors are:Jazz Crawford, international GB sprinter; Rebecca Campsall, elite international level GB track and field athlete; Rachel Miller, international GB 100m sprinter, and Diani Walker, international GB 100m & 200m sprinter. How do you relax after an event? RM I...

A healthy snack idea for Veganuary
Magnesium for Wellbeing

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for your health, being involved in over 300 enzyme-related reactions in the body which help regulate blood pressure, aid digestion, decrease inflammation, relax muscle tension and maintain strong bones and teeth by aiding calcium absorption. However, many of us are not getting enough of this important mineral as we need.  Reports published by the World Health Organisation (WHO), have estimated that up to 75% of adults could be deficient in magnesium through their diet. One of the most easy and effective ways of boosting your magnesium uptake, in addition to taking a...

World Ocean Day: Make a difference with microbead-free beauty

  Help us celebrate World Ocean Day, Friday 8th June, by doing your bit to protect our blue planet and go microbead-free!  It's time to ditch those tiny coloured plastic spheres often found suspended in scrubs and shower gels, as well as many other toiletries and cosmetics, and opt instead for a little natural beauty. With a UK prohibition on the use of microbeads announced at the beginning of the year, a full ban on the sale of certain products containing microbeads will come into force in July so now's the time to look for some more natural alternatives. Microbeads...

The Ultimate Detox Bath VIDEO GUIDE
If you didn't think you could ever create your own bath time treats, think again! It's so simple to do (not mention all natural too!) that you'll be a master before you know it! Take a look if you don't believe us
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