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Westlab TOP 5 for Winter Wellness

1. Keep Warm This may sound obvious (it is winter after all)... but keeping warm is not just for comfort - it's essential for your immune system to function at its best. Did you know that just a small drop in your body temperature can lower your immunity and make you more susceptible to cold viruses and illness? We instinctively reach for those delicious, comforting foods in the winter time - heart soups and casseroles, but many of us aim for a healthy diet with plenty of raw, fresh fruit and vegetables and these do not always give us the...

Top 5 – For a restful night’s sleep
There's plenty you can do to help encourage healthy sleeping patterns with diet and exercise – from cutting down on alcohol, avoiding caffeine after midday, drinking a calming herbal tea before bed, exercising during the daytime – the list goes on.
Magnesium health benefits
Magnesium is an essential mineral needed for over 300 reactions in the human body. However, modern life can deplete us of this much needed mineral, and many of us are unaware of the effects that Magnesium deficiency can have on our body and mind.
Top 10 Gardeners tips for Epsom Salt
Epsom salt really is a gardener’s best friend. There are so many uses for this amazing mineral in your home and garden. However, it is advisable to carry out a soil test first before adding minerals to your plants and garden.
Natural Relief for Ingrown Toenails
Ingrown toenails can often be caused by tight shoes and friction or incorrect nail cutting. Epsom salt is thought to help ingrown toenails by softening the nail, which reduces friction and irritation in the nail wall, therefore easing discomfort and reducing inflammation.
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