Amanda hamilton

Amanda hamilton

One of the UK's most established nutritionists


Amanda has been one of the UK's most established nutritionists for over a decade.

She’s currently the resident nutritionist on BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright show, and a regular on BBC and Sky News. A qualified professional nutritionist and a senior associate of the Royal Society of Medicine, she is also an ex-international sports competitor and fitness enthusiast, including training in yoga during a sabbatical in India.

Her approach to food is first and foremost realistic - lots of plants, minimal processing, sustainable meat and fish, adding in gut-friendly foods and regular fasts for wider health benefits. However, there's room for strong espresso, artisan gin and tonic and home-made gingerbread (but not necessarily in that order).

Amanda’s advice also comes with a hefty dose of real life. She feeds her own growing kids who'd baulk at the idea of anything resembling a green concoction, she has a healthy respect for a tight budget (having been on one for much of her life) and more than anything else, wants to empower and engage people in making better, enjoyable and enriching choices about what they eat, drink and how they live.